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Crimes or acts of public corruption committed by Dallas elected officials, trustees and employees can be reported anonymously using the information available at this site. Many illegal acts are discovered by tips from honest people who are not certain of all the facts. Even if you have no physical evidence, you can still provide a description of your concerns and why you believe a crime has occurred.

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System fraud examiner, June 2016 - Dallas police and fire pension executives file a lawsuit without Board approval against a former System fraud examiner in an attempt to silence a well-informed critic of the System's governance at a time when there is deep distrust between System executives and Dallas city officials, multiple criminal investigations ongoing about its management, and System executives are fighting for control of the fund, and their highly-compensated jobs.
Source: Columbus A. Alexander, III, CPA, CFE,
Answer & Counterclaim

Dallas Mayor Rawlings, December 2016 - Dallas Mayor Michael Rawlings requested the Texas Rangers launch an investigation into conduct he believed "may rise to the level of criminal offenses" noting "anyone brazen enough to commit crimes that harmed those who sacrifice so much to keep our city safe must be brought to justice." The FBI earlier this year raided the offices of former System real estate investment advisor CDK Realty Advisors.
Source: the Dallas Morning News

System fraud examiner, January 2017 - The most disturbing thing now is the suggestion the basic culture of self-serving secrecy at the pension system still has not changed. Some of the evidence suggests the system's use of outside attorneys to investigate wrongdoing is a sham designed to do just the opposite - to make sure instead that no publically discoverable documents or evidence will ever be produced. Source: the Dallas Observer

CDK Realty Advisors, February 2017 - System executives authorized monthly payments to Argyle Volunteer Fire Department where CDK Realty Jon Donahue is a volunteer firefighter; litigation filed by System attorneys against former investment advisor CDK Realty with System executives authorizing hundreds-of-thousands of pensioner funds to pursue but with no legal discovery by any party to the litigation to show for it all; and now the near-trial determination by System attorneys that there are no assets available for pension fund recovery.

Attorney Gary Lawson, August 2017 - System executives authorized litigation against former System General Counsel Gary Lawson. The lawsuit states attorney Lawson had power that was "very broad and not limited to discrete tasks, matters or issues," further noting that had attorney Lawson "simply spoken up, millions of dollars lost in investments could have been saved." A sentiment shared for fifteen plus years by a former System fraud examiner.
Source: Columbus A. Alexander, III, CPA, CFE, 2002 Settlement Demands 

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