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Crimes or acts of public corruption committed by Dallas elected officials, trustees and employees can be reported anonymously using the information available at this site. Many illegal acts are discovered by tips from honest people who are not certain of all the facts. Even if you have no physical evidence, you can still provide a description of your concerns and why you believe a crime has occurred.

News & Events

CPA fraud examiner - June 2016 - The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System (the "System") filed a lawsuit regarding open records requests for pension fund records from a former pension fund faud examiner. A counterclaim is filed setting forth their collective concerns; the counterclaim plus exhibits (255 pages) can be viewed here.

DPFP Open Records - July 2016 - A Request for Denial is issued by pension trustees citing concerns re possible inquiries by its former pension fraud examiner as reason for withholding public records. In response,  complaints are issued by the System's former fraud examiner to the state's Attorney General and the pension review board. The Attorney General's ruling instructing the fund to release records can be viewed here. System trustees lawsuit against the Attorney General while refusing to release fund documents can be viewed here.   

CDK Realty Advisors - August 2016 - System trustees voted to authorize  executive staff to enter into a settlement agreement with the System's former real estate investment manager having spent hundreds-of-thousands of fund dollars litigating but with no legal discovery.

DPFP Lobbyist Whitmire - November 2016 - Senator John Whitmire turned lobbyist for the System makes an appearance during a trustee board meeting. Senator Whitmire's red-hot comments to trustees can be viewed here. In response, a letter is issued to the pension review board. Texas Monthly soon follows with a scathing review of Senator John Whitmire's comments to trustees.

Federal Grand Jury - January 2017 - According to media, a federal grand jury is weighing evidence in a criminal case relating to the troubled Dallas police and fire pension fund. The pending grand jury came to light after the Dallas Morning News requested copies of correspondence the fund received from federal investigators. According to media, federal investigators have been looking into the Dallas Police and Fire System for at least a year.

Dallas City Council - January 2017 - Mediation between city officials and pension trustees ends without agreement. Concurrently, the Dallas City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution with scathing criticizm of the System's former and current administrations.

CPA fraud examiner - January 2017 - According to media, the most disturbing thing now is the suggestion the basic culture of self-serving secrecy at the pension system still has not changed. Some of the evidence suggests the pension system's use of outside attorneys to investigate wrongdoing is a sham designed to do just the opposite to ensure instead no publically discoverable documents or evidence will ever be produced.

DPFP Open Records - February 2017 - Another Request for Denial is issued by pension trustees citing litigation against its former pension fraud examiner as sole reason for withholding public records. In response, letters are issued to the Attorney General, House Pension Committee members, and the pension review board.

CDK Realty Advisors - February 2017 - System montly payments to the Argyle Volunteer Fire Department where former real estate investment advisor is a volunteer firefighter; System payments to criminal defense attorneys; pension trustees self-proclaimed search for those responsible spending hundreds-of-thousands suing its former real estate manager but with no legal discovery; and a near-trial discovery no assets available for pension fund recovery.



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